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Angry Birds Star Wars II pro

Do you feel a disturbance in the force? That’s because Angry Birds Star Wars II, the continuation of the great intergalactic sales success of Rovio is here! Explore the universe of the new Star Wars Trilogy and used the power of the force against the greedy Federation of bacon… or, if you prefer, follow the path of darkness! As you hear it: first, can you switch to the cracked side of the force and put yourself in the skin of the fearsome Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and other greats of the dark side.

JOIN THE GORRINO SIDE! Dare to play on the side of the pigs! Wields of Darth Maul double lightsaber or get in the skin of Darth Vader, general Grievous and other supervillains.

MORE THAN 30 CHARACTERS! Plays with more characters than ever: Yoda, Mace Windu, the young Anakin, Jango Fett and many more!

THE TELEPODS ARE COMING! A new and revolutionary way of playing! He teleports to your favorite characters the game taking a photo to the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods dolls with the camera of your device!

BECOME A JEDI OR A SITH MASTER! Overcome lots of levels with the birds and their archenemies pigs, unlocks a chapter extra and get a myriad of achievements!

CHANGE OF CHARACTER IN THE HEART OF SPLIT! Unlock or purchase new characters and place them on the catapults at any time!

ToonsTV is now underway! Have in large watching the legendary series of Angry Birds Toons cartoon and many other videos with the best quality.

What’s new in version 1.8.0

-Fight in 32 new levels set on Geonosis and Mustafar in this new chapter: swine revenge! In addition, get ready to get power in 16 new levels dominate your destiny.
-Angry Birds Star Wars II: whole saga has its Gorrino side.


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Angry Birds Star Wars II pro

Angry Birds Star Wars II pro

Angry Birds Star Wars II pro

Angry Birds Star Wars II pro

Angry Birds Star Wars II pro

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