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My budget (in English My Budget Book) not only is a common account. With this application you have to view revenue and expenditure to thus be able to better manage money that has.

Get an idea of how much money is available each month during the coming months thanks to simple annotations and regular annotations. You can also see it in a graphical overview to plan major acquisitions over the months best.
Who not found in the situation of wanting to buy something and ask yourself if you have enough money? Use “My budget” to view your balance and what expenses touch you this month.

The new budget mode allows you to adjust objectives and limits according to different criteria and periods. For example, to create a monthly limit for refuelling or a weekly limit for your purchases, etc. You can also define limits for accounts, such as credit cards, or define limits according to the means of payment. In addition, determine if the recurrent budgets should transfer to the next period. And besides all this, you can adjust the limit for recurrent according to periods of time individual budgets, if one month have more or less money available.

Main features
✔ easy access. You don’t need connection to the Internet. No need to register!
✔ Available in 11 languages: Spanish, English, Deutsch, Português, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Pусский, Polski, Türkçe, Magyar.
✔ See your current monthly balance when the application starts.
✔ Use the graphical summary for planning costs for several months.
✔ Set the summary and choose how many months previous and future will be displayed.
✔ Manage more than one account. Make notes of revenue and expenditure for the set of accounts.
✔ Set the beginning of the month to be able to work more flexibly.
✔ See statistics in a table or as a graphic to see where your money has gone by categorizing income and expenses.
✔ Filter its revenues and expenditures for months, quarters or years.
✔ Use the powerful search function to search. specifically certain expenses and/or in specific periods.
✔ Pass their balance to the next month.
✔ Manage its periodic annotations to plan from the coming months today.
✔ Create templates to record your expenses even faster.
✔ Create more main categories and sub-categories to be best of the evolution of their costs.
✔ See important expenditures in a note.
✔ Protect their data by enabling protection by password.
✔ Import data you already have with the function to Import CSV(simplemente guarde el archivo CSV en la carpeta “SDCard/Mi presupuesto” y siga el cuadro de diálogo de configuración (se podrá importar en otros formatos si se solicita).)
✔ Export data in HTML or CSV formats (SD card).
✔ Create backups for your data safe.
✔ 4 Widgets.
My budget is easy to handle and will continue to improve based on the wishes of the users.


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