C Locker Pro v7.0.0.13 APK


C Locker Pro customize Widgets that you like, initiates actions you need… fast! It is compatible with the unlock with Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint!

Extra features in the Pro version

1. things that can be seen in the lock screen:
-All applications or 8 types of default widgets widgets
-Notifications from Facebook, Google +, Whatsapp… basically all the compatible.
-RSS (CNN, BBC), name of the supplier of network, battery information Feeds…
-Calendar of events, list of reminders…

2. things that you can customize in the lock screen:
-Add multiple Widgets in applications for three profiles: by default, music, location
-Control of the volume knob, long press to play / skip (next/previous) song.
-Screen locking with sliding gestures in 4 directions (up, down, left, right) with 2 fingers.
-Double/Triple curfew to turn off the display and other actions in the shortcuts
-More than 30 custom shortcuts can be used to launch applications, direct call, direct sms, etc…
-Interval for updating and further adjustments in the RSS Feeds
-PIN security for shortcuts and unlock

Features of the free version

1. things that can be seen in the lock screen:
-3 profiles: by default, music, location
-5 types of default widgets: clock, time, date, day, next alarm
-Application Widget
-Missed calls, Gmail, new messages, notices
-Notifications from Facebook, GooGle +, Whatsapp… basically all the compatible.(Only 2 applications of notification can be selected [free version])

2 things that you can customize in the lock screen
-Set up your own profile’s location
-PIN security for shortcuts and unlock (only a PIN can be used in the free version)
-Add a Widget application
-Block status bar, hide icons and status bar clock, turn off the status bar alerts, hide the navigation bar (requires Root access)
-Full screen (to hide the status bar…)
-Animated Wallpaper/Wallpaper on the lock screen
-Show / hide missed calls, new messages
-Custom selection of icons
-Time before the display turns off
-Unlock sound, turn off the sound when you turn off the screen
-Deactivate the feature by default from the Start button, press and hold the Start button for launching recent applications
-Update interval and other settings of climate
– And many other things

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What’s new in version

+ Added: Multi & Resizable widgets
+ Added: Time and Wifi Profiles
+ Added: more options like profile priority profile, PIN control
+ Updated: New Android Material Design
+ Improved: Stability

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* Current Version :
* Category : Apps
* Size : 4.04 MB
* google Play

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