Christmas HD v1.6.2.1898 APK


Christmas HD v1.6.2.1898

From the creators of your favorite Live Wallpaper again to dedicate another 3D wallpaper especially for Christmas. Celebrate the holidays whenever you use the device, in real 3D!

Gather the family in a cozy study, front a warm crackling fireplace. His own image in the Mantel of the fireplace is surrounded by bright Christmas lights, and middle names of the grace of the fireplace. Enjoy a Christmas tree with Adaptive lights, gifts and tree topper. Eagerly await the visit from Santa with a calendar that counts the days until Christmas, and leave the cookies and a note to Santa Claus. Look through the window cover Frost in a picturesque winter scene while the snow falls gently.

Customize all parts of the scene, including your own photo in the chimney, the text in the middle and the message to Santa. Select the color of lights, personalize gifts and ribbons, snowflakes, ornaments, garlands, first of the tree, and more! You can also show or hide the elements of the scene to celebrate the wonders of Christmas in a way that means a lot to you.

Optional additional packages are available for purchase, so you can choose the most significant features for you. A classic interpretation of a painting by Christmas to outdoor timeless in 3-D, open air package offers a scene new, fully animated, customizable, interactive and on the outside of the House in stunning detail. New themes allow you to choose a traditional look inviting to your home, or a more vibrant modern theme. Write your name and number from home in your own mailbox, and customize the snowman, sled, lights Christmas, wreath, arches, candles, moon, snow, and more. Just make double-tap on the screen at any time to change between scenes of indoor and outdoor.

This visually stunning live 3D works of art handmade wallpaper. Our wallpapers have smooth animations like silk, while conserving the battery life and works very well with phones, tablets or any device compatible with live wallpapers.

What’s new in version

* Fixed issue with autopan motion
* Fixed daydreams on Lollipop
Merry Christmas from DualBoot! Our biggest update yet fills your stockings with tons of free new features inside and outside the house, including:
* Interact with a dozing dog by the fireplace
* Customize up to 5 stockings
* Play with the toy train under the tree
* Add another photo to the mantle
* Choose more light types, light colors, and ornaments
* Try the new ‘ Winter ‘ theme, for any winter day


Christmas HD v1.6.2.1898

Christmas HD v1.6.2.1898

Christmas HD v1.6.2.1898

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