Launch-X Pro v1.9.9.1 APK


Launch-X has several customizable settings to allow a very quick access to your favorite apps, contacts, or shortcuts.

With Launch-X is can maximize the use of space on the home screen. In fact, rather than having ‘4 icons in each row’ limitation of the launchers by default, it can be much, much more in the same space!

There are several choices of configurations available at Launch-X which allow you to create a widget that best suits your needs.

* New: Support pack of icons – use packages of icons/themes already available for ADW Launcher (EX), LauncherPro and GO Launcher (former) with Launch-X.
* New: Custom icons – you can set an icon that is customized for each element of your widget Launch-X. It can be a pack of icons, photo gallery or an icon of other applications that support (for example DroidIcon).
* Unlimited Widgets: can create and configure as many widgets of Launch-X as required.
* Widget sizes: you can choose between 2 × 1, 2 × 2, 2 × 3, 3 × 1, 3 × 2, 4 × 1, 4 × 2, 4 × 3, 4 × 4, 5 × 1, 5 × 2, 5 × 3 for tablets.
* Scrollable Widgets: can create a scrolling widget, allowing you to have an unlimited number of items on it.
* Types of items: items that can be added to Launch-X are the applications, contacts, or generic shortcuts. A shortcut to a contact can start a call, send a message/sms or open the contact itself.
* Order of items: can easily sort its items as you wish, just drag and drop.
* Icon size: size available for access icons direct are “Small”, “Medium”, “Large” and “X-Large”.
* Number of icons: each row can have from 1 up to 7 icons.
* Number of rows: each widget can have from 1 to 4 rows.
* Method of selection of the screen: you can choose to use the arrow buttons to navigate through the screen, or the direct access buttons (that allow faster access to the desired screen). You can also select “None” to have a single screen with more available space.
* Show / hide items name: direct/items access names can show or hide.
* Transparency of Fund/buttons: select your background and transparency of buttons.
* Backup/restore: supports widgets to the SD card and restore it when necessary.


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