Mobile Observatory – astronomy v2.43 APK


Mobile Observatory is one of the most complete astronomical applications available for Android devices, and the perfect tool for those who feel interest in the wonders of the sky, from the casual viewer to the fervidly amateur astronomer.

Do you know if the next lunar eclipse will be seen from your location, or when the next bright comet will look? You would like to your smart phone notified you when will be the next convergence between Jupiter and the Moon? Do you want to know the name of the brightest objects in the sky of dusk? You want to keep abreast of celestial events which are visible from your location? Then this app is for you!

Mobile Observatory not only includes a map live with zoom that tells the object in the sky that is watching, but it also provides a lot of detailed information about stars, planets, objects in the deep sky, rain of meteors, comets, asteroids and eclipses both lunar and solar. Also it has an ephemeris detailed all celestial objects included and an interactive aerial view of the Solar System. All this in one single application!

Mobile Observatory offers the following functions
-Map of the sky zoomed showing stars, asteroids, planets, deep sky objects, comets currently active streams of meteors…
-Interactive aerial view of the Solar system, showing the current position of all the planets, the Moon and asteroids
-Live mode (point the device towards the sky and learn about what you see)
-Calendar with detailed description of each celestial event for the next 31 days
-Slide the celestial events to phone calendar and set an alarm reminder
-Schedule for Sunrise, sunset and transit for any object
-Position of any object in the sky
-Ephemeris detailed information about visibility for all objects
-Sunset, day length hours
-Bright star catalogue (~ 9000 stars) with detailed information on every star
-Catalogue NGC (2500 objects)
-Complete Messier (110 objects) catalogue with images
-Complete Caldwell (110 objects) catalogue with images
-Streams of meteors (home, maximum, rate time,…)
-Information of Lunar and solar eclipses
-Bright comets (selected automatically according to date)
-Bright asteroids (a total of 5000 in the database)
-Phases of the Moon, the apparent view of the Sun and planets
-Current images of the Sun and sunspots number
-Date of conjunctions between any object and planets or the Moon (eg. look for the following combination of the Pleiades with the Moon)
-Animated 3D view of the Moon and the planets
-Widget with departure and putting of the Sun and the Moon (works only if the application is not copied to the SD card)
-Automatic determination of the location from the mobile phone network or GPS
-Select a location from an integrated database of 20000 cities, either do it online by Google Maps
-Choose any date and time (precise calculations for dates between 1900 and 2100).

What’s new in version 2.43

-Several bugs removed
-Jupiter and Saturn moons improved:
-better and more precise display
-Events for Jupiter Moon
-Diagram for the next days can be zoomed
-SkyView improved:
-Landscape can be displayed
-Minimize the object info window
-Altitude is displayed when object path is shown
-Moon is rendered in higher resolution
-Improved object search:
-Auto-complete while typing object name
-Search-speed much faster now
-Timezone changes taken into account



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