Office HD: TextMaker Full v2.0 APK



What users of Android tablets could only dream of until now is finally a reality.

TextMaker HD is the only processor full word for computer tablet – the complete set of functions for editing documents and format you know between the desktop word processor is available. Finally, you can create and edit documents on your tablet computer as you do on your PC!

Perfect compatibility: TextMaker HD reads and writes files DOC and DOCX Microsoft Word 6.0 to Word 2013, including those protected by password. Additional supported file formats including OpenDocument Text, RTF, HTML, and many more.

Intuitive to use: If you have already worked with Microsoft Word, TextMaker or going to retake TextMaker HD for Android in no time. The user interface is just like the PC’s, but perfectly suited for the use of the touch screen.

Save locally or in the cloud: TextMaker HD not only opens and saves documents in its Android tablet, but also in the cloud: directly from TextMaker HD you can edit documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and OneDrive.

TextMaker HD brings the features of a word processor for your Android Tablet desktop. Don’t settle for less.

ScreenShots :

Office HD: TextMaker FULL v2.0

Office HD: TextMaker FULL v2.0

File and print
► Open and save DOC and DOCX Microsoft Word 6, 0-2013 with fidelity to the original, including password-protected files
► Open and save documents in OpenDocument Text, RTF and HTML formats
► Wizard for importing and exporting plain text files
► Create PDF files directly in TextMaker HD
PDF, PDF forms with labels ►
► Press and merge through Google Print and several programs Google Play Shop printing
► Send document via e-mail as DOC, DOCX, or PDF
► built-in module database, lists and labels
Editing and formatting
Insert fields ►, such as date / time, page number, author, consecutive numbers, etc.
► SmartText: appears immediately for example, type “as soon as possible” and “as soon as possible”
► Calculations in text and tables
► Borders, shading, fill patterns, chapter, paragraph control
► Text hidden and protected
► paragraph and character styles, styles Manager
► auto-numbering of lines, paragraphs, lists and headers
► pages teachers true, and not just simple headers and footers
Features for complex documents
► Outliner for structuring documents
► “changes” track all changes made to a document and allows you to accept / reject them later
► comments appear as balloons in the right margin of your pages
► notes, cross references to endnotes, indexes, tables of contents, bibliographies
► subtitles and pictures of figures
► Creating forms with input fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, calculations, etc.
Graphics and drawing
► Draw and design directly in their documents, with AutoShapes that are fully compatible with Microsoft Word
► Insert images in a variety of formats, both files and the Android Gallery
Effects mirror ►, soft shadows and transparencies
► images can be cut directly into the document
► Change the brightness, the contrast and the range of images directly in TextMaker HD
► drawings can be filled with solid colors, patterns, images and gradients
► Wrap text around irregular shaped graphics
► Great library of symbols for flowcharts and organization charts
► TextArt property for the purposes of type
► Enter 70 2D and 3D graphics different types of
► multiple pages and nested tables
► cells can be arranged, they merged, and rotated
► Repeat headers (headers are repeated automatically automatically at the beginning of each new page)
language tools
► check the spelling in 17 languages, synonyms in 10 languages, and the Auto division in 33 languages
► Typos are highlighted with a red underline

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