Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.1 APK



I hit 3 times the power button on the phone in less than 3 seconds to turn on the LED light of your flash / camera! You now have a real flashlight with a power button real!

Features of Flashlight Power Button
* Turn on the flashlight by pressing the power button on the device 3 times (or 4 if the screen is on).
* Turn on the flashlight with the power button (only in the full version). Or you can turn it off from within the app for free.
* Faster access to the flashlight – without the need to unlock or even look at the phone.
* It always works – even if the screen is off or the device is at rest.
* Optimized for performance and a successful user experience – see settings in the interior.
* Use it as an application of normal flashlight if you don’t like the feature of the power button.

More information use:
When do you need a flashlight? Usually when you are in a hurry and you’re probably in the dark, oh so why you would bother to search for the icon of an application of flashlight?!
Simply press 3 times the power button of your phone to turn on the flashlight / LED. And if your screen is currently active – tap 4 times. Or don’t bother to count, and simply pressed until the LED light turns on.
You should press the power button is not very fast if your Android device is slow, because it is necessary for us to register the 3 presses of the button.
With Flashlight Power Button you can turn on the flashlight at any time, because it works even when the screen of your device is turned off. Now you won’t look at your phone never more to turn on the LED light!

Additional features:
* Auto-shut off the flashlight after a configurable period, for that will not exhaust all of your battery. Would take hours for the flashlight to exhaust all the battery, but it is still better to have this auto-off feature.
* Vibration when you turn on the flashlight, so you will be aware of when it is turned on the LED light / flash, you could give the power button a few times with no intention of turning on the flashlight.
* Disables the function to turn on the flashlight with the power button and use the application like any other application flashlight normal (not recommended!)
* More adjustments to come… please purchase the full version (in-app purchase) to support the development!

NOTE: you Have to open the app at least once to activate the function of the power button! It is necessary that we make some initial adjustments, so please open the application after installation.


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What’s new in version 2.1

+Redesign of app’s icon
+Shake to start flashlight when screen is On
+Setting to disable flashlight when screen is covered (like accidental Power button presses in pocket)
+Many fixes on the stability of the flashlight toggle:
– Non-accidental starts when Power button is jumpy.
– Non-accidental start when in call or other sensor interference.
– No more problems when stopping flashlight on small count of devices.

* Current Version : 2.1
* Category : Apps
* Size : 2.71 MB
* google Play

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