The Survivor: Rusty Forest v1.1.2 APK


Welcome to the world of “The Survivor”, beaten by unknown virus that has destroyed most of the world’s population. You are one of the few that have survived (stalkers) and now must fight for his life against what is left of the indigenous population now infected with the disease. In games of survival and terror, “The Survivor” players must explore the open world to collect the raw materials needed to build your own weapons, tools, fortifications, shelters, etc. Against the dangers of the zombies, infected wildlife and the world itself.

Main features
✔ randomly generating world – land of 1 square kilometre State post-Soviet randomly with abandoned villages, military bases, deep forests, roads, rivers, lakes, wild places, and more…
✔ Day and night – realistic dynamic cycle of day and night with the phases of the Sun and the moon.
✔ Create and destroy – the elements and structures of the world may be destroyed or disposed of for resources. Collect materials to build custom structures and fortifications by hand, by placing pieces of construction in the world in real time.
✔ Inventory – carries all the items you need to survive, the inventory is developed to meet the needs of manufacturing and customization of the character.
✔ Elaboration of articles and degradation – in the apocalyptic world of “The Survivor”, resources are scarce and must be used with very useful. With a list continuously growing recipe you must collect resources such as wood, stone and metal oxide to create weapons and tools. As their tools wear out with time, use your skills of manufacturing for repair. Articles or equipment can be improved or converted into something better to use new mechanisms of manufacture.
✔ Animals – explore nature to hunt animals, once abandoned buildings are already poached.
✔ Stealth system – wriggle out of zombies and animals that can see, hear and smell.
✔ Temperature ambient – build / search for shelter or fire. They will make a big difference in the cold nights.
✔ Each decision matter – if there are no saved games any mistake can be fatal and you lose everything, you have to play from the beginning.
In the next updates these characteristics will be extended with more depth and a wide variety of options to survive the dangers increasingly older world.

Features at different stages of development, which will be added as the project progresses:
-More buildings
-Further elaboration of articles
-Expanded IA
-Ride vehicles
-More animals and plants
-Effects of climate


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What’s new in version 1.1.2

✔ revolver and ammo bugs fixed;
✔ many other bugs fixed;
✔ optimization;
✔ x 86 support;
✔ inventory system improvements (✖ storage box was removed);
✔ crafting system improvements;
✔ thirst;
✔ shadows in “Graphics Settings”;
✔ game extras in “Gameplay Settings”:
-creative mode;
-aim assist;

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* Current Version : 1.1.2
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